Greys QRS 5/6/7

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The Greys Qrs Cassette 5,6,7,8 Fly Reel utilises a ground-breaking, cassette spool Quad Rating System, this means that this single reel copes with Fly lines from 5 to 8 weight. It means fly fishermen can have a reel that is highly versatile, allowing you to use the one reel for a variety of fishing situations.
The Greys Qrs Fly Reel is built from a robust, durable and light weight full block of 6061 bar stock aluminium. The reel also includes a Rulon disc drag, providing you with impeccably smooth performance and allowing you to go from a light to heavy drag in seconds with a turn of the drag knob.
The Quad Rating System uses polycarbonate cassette spools that allow you to fish 4 different line sizes on the same reel. This not only provides convenience but makes the fly reel adaptable to be used in different situations, on your different weighted rods and with multiple lines. On this 5/6/7/8 reel it comes with 2 x 5/6 cassettes and 2 x 7/8 cassettes. Each reel is also supplied with identification pins as well.
The spools are made from strong, lightweight polycarbonate and can be easily changed using the unique QRS locking system. Ribbed polycarbonate ensures a strong spool. Simply flick the switch to release the spool and change to the desired size you require.
The QRS fly reel keeps in the same design as the newer fly reels from Greys, including an armoured construction throughout, with a modern look. The reel has a dark grey colour, with red colour accents for stand out contrast. The Greys QRS Fly Reel comes in a neoprene pouch.

Greys Qrs Cassette 5,6,7,8 Fly Reel features

  1. Full bar stock 6061 aluminium construction
  2. Rulon disc drag system, smooth from light to heavy drag
  3. Greys line ID system, with coloured pins supplied to identify fly lines quickly
  4. Unique QRS Locking System for easy spool release
  5. Strong ribbed polycarbonate clear cassette spools
  6. 4 spools provided – 2 of each line size
  7. Supplied in a neoprene pouch