Quill Buzzer

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Sneaky Red:

The Sneaky red holo buzzer was a pattern which was given to us by top Scottish competition angler James Litster. This awesome little pattern has a tiny amount of red holo flash just above thorax which gives off enough glint to attract fish in to, what would otherwise be, a sombre pattern. Fantastic buzzer on Rutland water and we have also had great success on Draycote too.

Red Holo:

This legendary quill buzzer pattern became hugely popular on the Lake of Menteith a few years ago. Used my many top competition anglers this little buzzer is a fantastic pattern to use early season. The red underneath the black and quill body gives the impression of the haemoglobin bursting through the buzzer body as it ascends to the waters surface.

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Red Holo, Sneaky Red