RFF Orbital II Vice

R1,990.00 inc.Vat

The REEL Fly Fishing original Orbital fly tying vice was a huge success back in December 2018 and brought a full rotary design to the fly fishing market at an unprecedented price point. 2019 saw the introduction of the limited editions with cam jaws and full stainless steel builds as well as more standard editions.

The latest edition for 2021 will now be know officially as the Orbital II or Orbital Version 2.

The special editions that we launched at the end of 2019 were a frim favorite, they retailed for R 1849.00.

Taking customer feedback and preferences to heart we proceeded to produce the updated Orbital II Fly Vice with all the limited edition improvements included in them. The new all pitch black colour scheme provides less flash back and glare while in use and reduces eye fatigue and strain over longer tying periods. The CAM operated jaw was the single most requested improvement that we have now included as standard on the Orbital Version 2, the ease of use and quicker setup time makes for effortless operation. A number of smaller quality of life changes were made as well as the addition of parachute holders and tying screens being added as optional extras.

Longevity – if you have any questions regarding longevity of our vices we can attest to some incredible numbers. Semi commercial fly tyers are still using our previous Orbital fly vices with more than 4000 flies on some vices being tied- no damage or replaced jaws even after all this time. We will happily send you these customers Instagram profiles so that you can ask them directly about long term usage and durability.


  • Full rotary design and operation  |  Easily get a full 360° view of the fly you are tying    |   2 stainless steel deep groove ball bearings create a friction-less rotary action
  • Tension screw  |  adjusts the tension on the rotary action
  • Adjustable jaws  |  handles hook sizes #28 to 4/0   |   hardened and tempered Japanese stainless steel
  • Portable design  |  10mm thick   |   easily setup the vice on any flat surface  |   great for travelling  |   base plate weighs : 1030g / 1kg
  • Table top  |  C-clamp accommodates most table tops and affixes to them easily
  • Extension section  |  increase the length of the main stainless steel shaft
  • Construction materials  |  stainless steel main shaft & extension pieces  |  Japanese stainless steel Jaws  |  Stainless steel  screws and bolts  |  Mild steel base plate powder coated in black
  • Bobbin cradle  |  keep your bobbin and thread out of harm’s way   |   Stainless steel arms and plastic holder
  • T-handle  |  simply attach this to the main rotary handle to give you extra control
  • Spring  |  hackle and feather holder
  • Usability  |  easily converts from left to right hand usage
  • Portable carry case  |  protective case that carries all items for the vice  |   bungees to secure each component and velvet cover


What’s included in the bag?
  • Orbital Version 2 Fly Vice
  • Stainless steel Extension section Standard
  • Heavy Base plate
  • C-clamp
  • Bobbin cradle
  • Magnetic waste bin
  • Stainless steel T-piece handle extension
  • Padded Carry case

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