RFF 10ft 3wt TechNymph

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Length In Feet  |  10

Line Weight  |  3 

Application  |  Czech/Euro Nymph

Recovery Rate  |  Fast

Action  |  Medium Fast

Physical Weight In Grams  |  80

Carbon Grade  |  SK40T

Blank Design |  DNA Helical Structure

Grip  |  Shortened AAA Half Wells Cork

Reel Seat  |  Double Down-Locking Anodized Black

Fighting Butt  |  Rubberized Crushed Cork

Guides  |  Light Weight Black PacBay Single Foot with Black Thread Wraps  |  High Number Of Guides At 14 (including tip)

Alignment Marks  |  Small White Dot With White Arrow

Stripping Guides  |  Two Light Weight PacBay Stripping Guides Located At Specific Lengths On The Blank

Measurement Marks  |  On Both Male And Female Ferrules

Rod Tube  |  Slate Grey Triangular Cordura Tube 

Rod Bag  |  Black Cotton Rod Bag

Sections  |  4

Designed By Reel Fly Fishing In South Africa  |  Tested On A Huge Variety Of Local Waters



Our Story – Taking South Africa’s Nymphing Game To The Next Level.

Setting out to create a truly next generation Euro Nymph fly rod was always going to be a challenging task. Work began at the end of 2019 on what would, after many revisions, become our TechNymph 3wt fly rod.


Key Criteria Behind Our TechNymphs Design.

Application, a Euro Nymphing rod is about fully maximizing a few key areas of focus. Reel Fly Fishing quickly identified that maximum feedback, supreme tippet protection, pulling power, balance, recovery rate, finish and physical weight would be the defining factors when building a showcase of what a South African designed Euro Nymphing rod should encompass.



Providing immediate feedback allows you to tactically feel the structure and bottom of the water section that you are fishing. This information and feel is what allows you to fully maximize that piece of water. Being in constant contact with your flies play an integral role and having an extension of your arm through our specialized blank means you get more feel, more of the time. The DNA Helical nature of the TechNymph immediately transmits even the slightest bumps, knocks and bounces as your flies move along the bottom back to your hands. This informative nature of the rod makes it much easier to distinguish between a strike/take/bite to that of the structure on the bottom.


Tippet Protection

Being able to utilize thinner and lighter tippets results in a quicker sink rate, better action and generally more strikes. The draw back of lighter tippets if you are not using the correct type of rod will result in more lost fish through broken tippets at key points during the fight. Fish can suddenly turn, change direction or move erratically especially when it comes to landing them. Without a blank that is designed to act as a shock absorber this will result in a lost fish through broken leaders/tippet.  This tippet protection is where the TechNymph is hugely impressive, an extremely sensitive tip results in both great tippet protection but also immediate visual feedback.


Pulling Power

Having great tippet protection is all good and well, and being able to see the take is what gets you into fish, but without decent pulling power you will be fighting fish a lot longer as well as losing them to structure and snags.  From around the middle of the TechNymph you will notice a much stiffer portion that carries through until the butt section. This is where your pulling power is. Pulling power or fish turning ability is hugely important when fishing South African rivers and streams due to the nature of our vegetation and substrates.

There is a careful balance between where your pulling power needs to start, where your tippet protecting delicate tip needs to end and where it must all come together, this is what sets a good Euro Nymph rod apart from a bad one.



While this could be seen as a very subjective area, we tried to think outside the box. Generally speaking, when looking from the ground up to the sky you will notice its lighter and not darker. Putting ourselves in the shoes of a would be fish we applied this thought pattern. A matt finish means no rod flash, whereas the dull grey finish means its never to dark but also not to light in colour – similar to that of the sky when viewed in greyscale. Having this extra bit of stealth approach on your side can make all the difference when fishing close quarters on clearer rivers and streams. Finish also encompasses all the dedicated components that we carefully created to enhance the TechNymph’s overall performance and purpose built nature.


Physical Weight

Holding a rod for a full days fishing will cause muscle fatigue, now add to the mix the nature of “checking” the water with your nymphs. This high cast count means you are working hard while on the water, and a few grams here and there may not sound like much but when you begin looking at it over “x” number of casts the weight quickly adds up over the course of the day. At a mere 80 grams, the TechNymph 3wt 10’ is by far our lightest dedicated Euro fly rod that we have ever created and we are well below any of the nearest local offerings and only around 8g off of high-end international offerings that cost 3 to 6 times the price.



One of the true defining factors when compared to our Euro Nymph 3.4 10’ that we launched back in 2017, is the balance of the TechNymph. Utilizing lightweight specialized components, hardware and down-locking reel seats means that our rods balance beautifully when paired with the correct fly reel. Balance also plays a massive role in reducing strain over a days Euro Nymphing, having the lightest rod around may sound like that is all you should checkbox, but balance is equally as important.

We have found in our testing that reels in the region of 120-140g work well when paired with a 0.55mm Euro Nymph fly line.


Recovery Rate

Having a very sensitive light weight tip is crucial for detecting the slightest movements and strikes, however without an excellent recovery rate you will ultimately be left wanting. Creating a responsive blank with all these criteria as well as rapid recovery rate is extremely challenging, but with the experience we gained from our previous rod we applied it to our new DNA TechNymph blanks and the results were phenomenal. A rapid recovery rate results in an quick resting blank that keeps you in contestant contact with your flies from when they hit the water all the way through until the bounce on the bottom. Recovery rate also dramatically increases accuracy and overall feedback.


What Happens When I break A Section Of My TechNymph?

Simple and straight forward, send us a picture as well as which section you had an accident with and we will drop you the cost price for that section. Why pay for a warranty that you may never use, this was our thinking behind not inflating our rods prices to compensate for this. Only pay for what you use, and only pay when it breaks. Simple, easy and no fuss. we carry section on hand and ship immediately.




Fine details and dedicated hardware make the new TechNymph South Africa’s most comprehensive dedicated Euro Nymph Fly rod. 

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