RFF Origin 

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ORIGIN –  “the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived”

Lets start in the beginning, back in January 2019 we began work on what would eventually become the Origin fly reels. Drawing up the initial concept art, working out the dimensions and specifications that we wanted to design proved to be challenging. Combining all this with our experience in design and application  we began rendering up the 3D models of the Origin reels. The new drag system that we had in mind was an one area that we took our time on when it came to design and testing.

RFF Origin 

Sampling proved to be excellent and with only some minor changes being made to the initial design and drag system. In October 2019 we officially went into production and are extremely proud to offer South African fly anglers a fly reel that is not only affordable, but light weight, durable and best of all designed right here in sunny South Africa!

The ORIGIN for REEL Fly Fishing represents a leap in technology and design and represents our vision for 2020 and beyond. For the full detailed breakdown of our design ethos, the vision behind the Origin, then be sure to checkout our dedicated blog post that take our through each element and component.

RFF Origin 


  • Available sizes  |  5.6.7  |  7.8.9
  • Colour options  |  totally teal  |  deep grey and teal
  • Retrieval  |  left of right hand
  • Drag  |  fully sealed multi-layer carbon and stainless steel
  • Salt water safe
  • Large over-sized handle
  • 3D balanced spool and counter weight
  • Lightweight stripped out design for maximum weight saving
  • Narrowed spool for improved line lay
  • Concave drag knob
  • CNC machine logos
  • Designed in South Africa

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Teal, Deep Grey and Teal